2021 Board of Trustees

President - Sharon Reed
Vice President - Dave DuBois     
Secretary - Linda Ferries
Treasurer - Chris Wisler
Member at Large - Larry Hayes

Judy Brown
Mike Carson
Teresa Fields
Tammy Greene
Jia Hardimon-Eddington

Mary Ellen Harnish 
Peggy Hobson
Peter Inman
Alyssa Pier
Randy Rusch

Anne Shaw
Lynn Smith
William Smith
Cathy Stover
Kori Wood

2020 Board of Trustees
front row l-r: Sharon Reed, Marsha Santen, Linda Clark, Peggy Hobson, Dave Dubois

center row l-r: Tammy Greene, Josh Spencer, Anne Shaw Kingery, Dana Osburn, Linda Ferries, Cathy Stover
upper steps l-r: Lynn Smith, Randy Rusch, Teresa Fields, Peter Inman, Larry Hayes
not shown: Chris Wisler, Nita Campbell, Dean Despinoy, May Ellen Harnish

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