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Howard County Historical Society Volunteer Coordinator

General Description:  The Volunteer Coordinator reports directly to the Executive Director of the Howard County Historical Society.  They will assist the Executive Director in managing volunteers.  The incumbent will familiarize themselves with the mission of the HCHS and will be an advocate for the organization in the fulfillment of the various responsibilities and specific duties outlined in the position description, which follows.

General Responsibilities
•    Work with volunteers and manage museum host schedules.
•    Ensure the timely opening and closing of the museum for the hosts and for public admission.
•    Work with HCHS leadership to determine volunteer needs.

Specific Duties

•    Recruit and train volunteer hosts.
•    Schedule volunteer hosts, manage the opening and closing of the museum, and assist in the scheduling of volunteers for   
     special events.
•    Coordinate development and implementation of a volunteer relationship and retention program, including volunteer
•    Responsible for operating the Volunteer Program within current laws and compliance guidelines and staying up-to-date with
     changing legislation.
•    Track visitor information, emails, admission numbers.
•    Assist with membership and fund-raising correspondence.
•    Independently manage computer customer relationship software (PastPerfect module).
•    Assist with rentals and general office support.
•    $12.00 per hour; 19-20 hours per week; weekend work is required.
•    Other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.


Minimum of Associate degree in related field, or related experience of 1-3 years required. Strong computer background is necessary, with experience or training in database management.  Strong interpersonal skills a plus. Must be able to climb stairs.

To apply:

Submit cover letter and resume to info@howardcountymuseum.org. Call the HCHS office at 765-452-4314 with questions.