Can you help us identify the students in this photo? It was taken on March 14, 1940 at Douglas School in Kokomo. Send your answers to . (And, yes, that IS Eleanor Roosevelt)

Douglas School in Kokomo - March, 1940

Our first reaction? "Oh my, it's a Norman Rockwell!" It couldn't be much closer without being a Rockwell image. But, it's actually one item from among a collection of historic images from the Kokomo YMCA. We enlarged the image in an attempt to read the date on the calendar in the background. It's fuzzy and difficult to make out, but appears to be October 1920-something. So....when do you think it was taken, and do you know who is in the picture? 

When? And Who? Or is it really a Rockwell...

These artifacts were found in the collection. Do you know what they are? How they were used? Who might of used them? If you have any information about these object please call Stew Lauterbach at the historical society (765) 452-4314.

What's It?  What's It?