Make a gift to preserve our heritage

Make a gift to preserve our heritage


We can do more together than we can apart. All of human history proves that.

While we often credit great advances to one person, those innovators all stood on the shoulders of others. Elwood Haynes didn’t develop his car alone; he had the help of the Appersons and J.D. Maxwell, not to mention a combustion engine that was developed entirely by others. Haynes’ pioneering work in metallurgy at Stellite followed the experiments and research of many before him, just as the growth of automotive electronics was the result of a long series of advancements by hundreds of engineers at Delco Radio.

The Howard County Historical Society has pledged itself to preserving the stories of our community, as well as the physical objects and documents that bring them to life. We can’t do that alone.

Join the entire community and come together behind our mission – to put the power of many to work. Together, we can leverage our talents and assets. Together, we’ll preserve the lessons of our history and teach them to our children and grandchildren. Your gift is an important step toward that goal.