New collection of exhibits opening


Historical Society opens first phase of new exhibition:
Howard County African American History Revealed

Howard County Historical Society (HCHS) is opening the first phase of a new collections of exhibits focusing on local African American history on February 26, 2021. The public is invited to visit the Seiberling Mansion and Museum to discover the long history of African Americans in the area. Who was the first African American pioneer? Who fought in WW1? Who made a positive impact on children’s lives today?

The HCHS will be rolling out this collection of exhibits over the next year in four phases. A community-based group of shareholders have informed and provided guidance for HCHS staff regarding the creation of various pieces of the exhibition.

This project is by no means comprehensive, but a positive start toward equitable representation of people of color in Howard County history. The goal is to find ways to incorporate new information and objects to the story of Howard County, so that it is not seen as separate.