Now Accepting Nominations for the Hall of Legends

Now Accepting Nominations for the Hall of Legends


We’re very proud of our Howard County heritage and our contributions, past and present, to the world. Haynes, Maxwell, and Kingston come to mind, as do our roots in the auto industry. Pneumatic tires, push-button car radios, and stainless steel are among the many innovations born here. We produced critical materials for World War II, art glass for stained glass windows around the world, high-tech alloys for the Apollo moon missions and sophisticated electronics for automobiles. 

The arts are better for the lives of Margaret Hillis, Misch Kohn, and Strother Martin. Journalism is better because of Steve Kroft, David Ashenfelter and Tavis Smiley. Our country is safer because of military leaders like William Kepner, Ed Trobaugh, and Don Moon. We’ve given the world doctors, inventors, engineers, business leaders, political leaders, labor leaders, philanthropists, authors and educators. They all left Howard County, taking a bit of us with them on their journey and adding their own bit to Howard County’s reputation in the world.

The program was established in 2010 to recognize those people who have had an impact on the world, and to help establish a standard of achievement for coming generations of Hoosiers. The Howard County Hall of Legends is open to individuals who have achieved significant recognition for their accomplishments in the areas of:
  • Public Service
  • Performing Arts
  • Humanities
  • Literature/Journalism
  • Art
  • Health Sciences
  • Technology
  • Science
  • Commerce and Industry
Eligible individuals must have been born in Howard County, lived in Howard County, worked in Howard County, or have made significant contributions to the good reputation of Howard County.

Your nomination should include your contact information, the name of the nominee, the rationale for your nomination, and supporting information and documentation. Nominations may be delivered, mailed or emailed. Send them to: Hall of Legends, Howard County Historical Society, 1200 W. Sycamore St., Kokomo, IN 46901 or to

(photo: Howard County's founding father, David Foster)