Village on the Wildcat (*video)


Research by Gil Porter on the 175th anniversary of Howard County has revealed primary-source documents that present a new story about the early days of the community.

“This new information is so important for our town and especially for my family,” said David Foster, president of the new non-profit Kokomo Early History Learning Center, which contributed to the research. (He is the great-great-great-grandson of Kokomo town founder David Foster.) “While the research doesn’t necessarily disprove many of the long-told anecdotes about my ancestor, it suggests he had a much deeper relationship with the local Indian community than we had known before.” 

“What started as an article for the historical society’s quarterly publication has grown into much more, thanks to the Learning Center’s extensive research into state history and also guidance on Indian history and culture from the Myaamia Center at Miami University in Ohio,” according to the society’s director, Dave Broman. “Their collective work gives us a better, more nuanced understanding of the birth of Howard County and how truly unique it is.” 

Porter's research has been summarized in a video, produced in cooperation by the Kokomo Early History Learning Center and the Howard County Historical Society. See the video here -