Losing the past would be catastrophic. We’d face the future with nothing to guide us: no experience, no ability to predict or understand, no social values or cultural standards.

The Howard County Historical Society needs your help to make sure we don’t lose our community’s past. As the custodian of our county history, the society works to preserve the stories and lessons that inform our daily lives, along with the priceless artifacts that represent those stories. The cost of maintaining the collections (and the Seiberling Mansion) is far less than the cost of losing them, but cost there is.

Please support our mission with a year-end financial gift. You’ve probably already received a request for help in replacing the roof of Seiberling Mansion. Those donations are all restricted to the new roof project, and won’t be used for our regular museum work. It’s for that on-going work that we need your assistance – preservation and exhibition materials, climate control to protect the artifacts, maintaining the archives as a community resource, mansion maintenance, and more.

With your help, we can continue to preserve our county history for generations to come, provide invaluable education resources for students of all ages, and make sure the Seiberling Mansion remains one of the region’s major tourist attractions and a centerpiece of community pride.

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